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Bluebonnet Elementary School

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About Us » Our Commitment, Pledge, and Goal

Our Commitment, Pledge, and Goal

Our Commitment

Bluebonnet Elementary School is a No Excuses University campus. We are committed to our students. We believe that all students deserve the opportunity to be educated in a way that prepares them for college if they so choose to attend. We also believe that we, the school staff, have the power to make this opportunity a reality.



Our Pledge

We are committed to creating a school that shows NO LIMITS to the academic success of each student.



Our One Goal

Every student, without exception and without excuse, will be proficient or advanced in Reading, Writing, and Math. We as a school community believe that the best practices come from within ourselves, and it is we the adults who create the systems that are at exceptional levels to fulfill the needs of all students to ensure success at the highest level.